Labels: Women


A sportswear collection from Germany. Great detail to design and style with comfort in mind.


Our very own Canadian name. A sportswear womans line that is never boring. Always bringing you a new and trendy look with a great style. From everyday to evening.They have it all!

Christine Alexander

What woman doesn’t like diamonds or crystals? Christine Alexander brings us outfits,sandals, belts, handbags studded in Swaroski crystal. There is a lifetime warranty on each piece. And machine washable! Great quality at reasonable prices!

D’oraz & D’one

Two names. One creator. A Canadian company and manufatured here using European fabrics. D’oraz and D’one specialize in wool suiting. Their outfits are unique and beautiful fabrics. D’oraz is also known for their step up in taking wool to a different level.

D’one is the trendier division which gives their look a younger feel.


A Greek line which embodies the country’s natural flair of fashion.


The butterfly from Germany. The quality and style makes it different from others. Excellent fit.


A Canadian sportswear line. Very classic but keeping with times. Fits most women.

Great suiting.

Marc Aurel

The Eagle from Germany. Different, classic, with an edgy touch. Beautiful prints and fabrics. Known for their shirts.

Michael Kors

A line fit for every woman. Classic, fun, stylish clothing. Purses and accessories available. High end fashion at an affordable price.

Nougat London

From the United Kingdom. A woman feels feminine in Nougat. Her clothing always has that special touch of feminity. Maybe by a touch of lace or a satin covered button on a cardigan. Using silks, cottans and wools, her fabrics are produced with the greatest attention. And hand stitched detailing.

Not The Same (NTS)

The name says it all. A beautiful, fun loving collection from Denmark. And you wont be the same after wearing NTS.

Nuovi Sarti

A sportswear line out of Italy and manufactured in Italy. Beautiful workmanship and designs.


Sweater and tops out of Switzerland. Gorgeous colors and soft fabrics.

Sao Paulo

Very trendy and stylish sportswear line. Be it spring or winter, they are great in all seasons. These leather jackets are a dream. They feel like leather.


A collection from Italy made in Italy! Dresses women with a chic younger look. Fantastic fabrics.


Collection out of Denmark. Very casual. Excellent quality. Great for everyday wear. Signal clothing combines carefully considered design with fashion. Makes room for modern active lifestyle in the city.

Simon Chang Concepts

Our very own Canadian designer! Once a woman wears Simons clothes, she will be dedicated to his flair in design and individuality. Its a line for the bold as Simons designs are. Known world wide for being unique, funky, but keeping it presentable.

Simon Chang Rebel

A collection Licensed by Simon Chang. Everyday sportswear collection.


Classic suits and dresses for the working woman.


A sportswear collection out of Germany. Known for their wide range from suiting to everyday wear. Young business label. Defined by its exceptional feel for trends and fashion impulses.

Not Your Daughters Jeans (NYDJ)

A denim for every woman. Oprah Winfrey highly endorses this collection. A tummy tuck,lift your butt concept. It makes a woman feel good in the way they fit. Extremely comfortable. Made in the U.S.A. It is a higher rise denim. It fits above the belly button. Specially crafted panel inside the denim as well.

David Kahn

A Calfornia based company. It consists of the highest quality Japanese and Italian premium denim with the most sophisticated and inventive washes the world offers.


From Germany. Unique combination of excellent fit. Quality fabric and attention to easy comfort and sophisticated style.

Jag Jeans

All about great fit and just the right amount of fashion.


A Danish collection. They are known for their interesting fabrics and great attention to detail. Their coats have to be tried on to see and feel how fantastic they are. Excellent fit.


Western Canadian fashion line fit for any lifestyle!


Out of Los Angeles. Highly endorsed by Hollywood actresses. Fun designs and colors.

Mary Frances Purses

From the states. Worn by celebrities such as Oprah, Shania Twain, etc.

Claudia Accessories

Canadian made. Designed by our very own Canadian artist. Swarovski crystal baubbles that every woman loves. Custom made detachable necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings.

Anne Marie Chagnon

Canadian made. Casual and different. All about geometrics.


From Germany. Not for the faint of heart. Very exclusive, adventorous jewellery collection. Exclusive to Sonia’s Runway. Unique designs with swarovski, pearls and leather and stones. A collectors jewellery collection.