9 Looks W/1 Skirt...Can We Do It?

Hi everyone! 

It’s been a while since I last posted!

With the heat in Edmonton, we thought we would show you how to wear one of our fave skirts in the store! The Gardeur pencil skirt!

The skirt itself is an easy fit. It sits at the waist! There are slant pockets as well, so it’s functional and has a detachable fabric belt! A cotton skirt is essential in the summer weather! You can dress this skirt up and down!

This look is perfect for the campfire! An easy tee shirt with a solid neckline!

The Airfield vest provides a little bit of warmth, if you are feeling chilly. The best part of this outfit, is the play on colors. Blush is such a great compliment to cognac.

If you feel like dressing up a bit, this Luisa Cerano floral blouse is what you need. It gives you the comfort level you want to be able to move around & still give you a great silhouette. The greens and blues sit really well with the skirt. The lines on the blouse are great for any figure!


If you really want to make an impression on your next meeting, this reversible cardigan from Riani is what you need. You can wear it both ways!

If it gets a little warm, you can take it off and still look business like in the Riani top. It’s an easy fabric that can be worn by itself. 

Now, onto some nice casual tops to go with this summer skirt! Repeat tops are iconic in fit and fabric. This floral tank top is great for the backyard BBQ!

If you want to go a little more casual, this linen Riani top is fantastic! Linen is a fabric you will want in the heat! It breathes well & it doesn’t stick to you! This tee is also available in black. The orange gives the cognac a little pop

Speaking of linen, this Sportalm tee is a fun look at how durable linen is! The floral applique is a great addition to this top! Easy neckline and it is longer! You can tuck this into the skirt!


If you start to feel a bit chilly, you can always throw on one of these incredible spring coats from Sportalm! These coats are also great for the golf course! They block the wind and keep you looking fabulous! 

Look at that! 9 looks with just one skirt! That’s not even all the looks you can pull together with this versatile skirt! Click the links highlighted in blue to check out your sizes!


Enjoy the warm weather!

Stay healthy!

Stay safe!

Until next time!

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