Finding Calm Among Chaos

 Happy Monday, everyone!


Shaan here.


As I get used to creating a blog, I promise they will be more frequent. My aim is to get 1-2 out per week. Give you some new content as often as I can. We will be posting blogs about fashion as well. Right now, as I load items daily on the site, I thought I could focus on some other things. I did want to make our blog a mixture of fashion, lifestyle and fun posts.. Maybe a Top 5 Robert Redford movie list?


Something I touched on vaguely in our first post, was the emotions I went through when we officially closed the doors, due to COVID-19. I wanted to focus on that & how I am trying to normalize what is happening.


This is about to get a little personal for me.  I hope it helps all of you, feeling the same way I am


I remember the back and forth Sonia (mom) & I had about how to close and when to close. I knew it was inevitable we had to close. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so angry inside that we had to close. I spent almost a week after we closed sulking. I couldn’t explain my emotions. I was sleeping an hour or 2 later than I usually do. But, I was taking a couple hours before I got out of bed. I felt sluggish & sad. I spent most of my days with the news on, gathering every piece of information I could on what the virus is, how it is spreading, who it can hit, recovery rates. I was obsessed. Refreshing social medias. I was getting frustrated.


Then, we came up with the idea to create our new online store. Sonia’s Runway new “vacation home” for a way for us to connect. Suddenly, I started waking up earlier, I was cracking open my notebooks, which were laying abandoned in my lonely work bag. I stopped listening to the news every second. I started to feel like my old self again.


It took me a couple days to realize what that void and anger was. I am a person who needs routine. I need a schedule. If I don’t mind being spontaneous. But, I need to have purpose to my day. I know not everyone does. But, that’s just who I am. My anxiety levels have gone down a bit. The energy I was garnering inside, has now been placed back into a new routine for our new normal. I am waking up in the morning, having a nice cup of coffee from a new machine I have been excited for, go to work to get work done on the online store. I come home for lunch, then get some things done at home, before going out and playing (safely in my car) Pokemon Go. After dinner, it’s movie night! Repeat all that the next day.


 I know it sounds weird. But, honestly for me, it’s needed. I often get teased that I don’t know how to relax. But, my anxiety have been lowered having something to do. Keeping myself busy. It makes days go by easier. I can still enjoy the sunlight from the safety of the store. I can still do everything I want to do. All while practicing social distancing.  I just don’t turn on the news, instinctively anymore. I can easily turn on the TV to the Food Network or HGTV. I avoid checking Twitter. Only once a day now. It helps keep my mind clear.


I have had the luxury of seeing a few of you during the curbside pickups. It’s such an uplifting moment, when you take a moment and have a conversation with someone, from a safe distance. I didn’t realize how much I missed that.


Reading a few articles & seeing Instagram posts, I am seeing a lot about what is the new normal we face now with COVID-19, our emotions and accomplishments. You don’t have to accomplish anything during your off time. You don’t have to learn a new hobby. You don’t have to keep busy. If you want to sit and read a book, do it. If you feel like cooking up a storm. Do it. Do what makes you feel comfortable and most calm during this chaotic time.  We can’t sit and judge someone on how they are dealing with this pandemic. None of us have ever had to deal with such a time. Unless, you are watching an actual judging competition on tv.



I am still asking questions about what’s happening. I still feel upset & angry that I cannot interact with my other friends & family. I am grateful to have Sonia with me, to keep each other company. I dislike that we are not getting forthcoming answers on this issue, though I understand a lot of people may not be able to handle the answers.


I don’t know what the new normal is going to look like. One thing I am taking away from all this. I will cherish each moment I have with my friends. I will cherish each hug. I will relish every new adventure with a new sense of happiness.


How are you finding calmness among the chaos? Share your experiences with us!

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  • What a nice way to say it, so well written Shaan

    • Aditi
  • Thanks for sharing Shaan. You are very much like me, need to be busy with a focus and with a schedule. Imagine, I retired while this was/is going on. Won’t forget that timing. I have a daily exercise routine, to do list, yoga a few times a week. I stay connected via FT, Zoom with friends and family. I try to be creative every day including culinary arts and I don’t let too much news in as it plays into my anxiety. Catching up on Netflix series is a great escape!I miss my grandkids and family but I imagine how exciting the reunion will be. The medical personnel in my family are my heroes!! We must be hopeful that we are all one day closer to some sort of normal. Every night I try to find something that I am grateful for or that is working well in this new reality. Great job pivoting and opening online store- shows your ability to adapt. Stay well. Hugs to you both. Arrivederci, Lisa xx

    • LIsa Baer
  • Eloquently stated Shaan! Hugs to you and your mom! 💐💗🌸

    • Lesley Ripley
  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings in this new world. It is comforting to know that I’m not alone in some of the ways I am reacting and feeling in this new life. I will take from your blog some of the coping techniques you have shared. Stay safe and healthy Shaan.
    Hugs, Brenda

    • Brenda Ball
  • Thank you, Shaan. I so enjoyed your blog. It hits home with the anxiety and fear. I love you guys and I long for the day when I can just walk in and see you. I’m so happy you are doing the online store. What an amazing job you’ve done. When I save up enough, I will be shopping! Give your mom my love. Hang in there.

    • Donna Stonehocker