The Next Step....

Hi everyone! Shaan here.

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. We have been very busy with private appointments, new arrivals and other things.

Sonia & I have been working non stop. Even when we aren’t in the store. Because of how busy things have been, it is taking a little longer than normal to respond to messages and calls. We promise it’s all for good reason!

We have a little bit of a breaking news.

We know the cases are still increasing & the wave is about to hit again. We also have been hearing you all & getting countless amount of phone calls & e-mails as to when we will open again. We are listening.

Because of that, we would like to share with you that we ARE in fact going to be doing a soft opening in the next week or so. We are trying to integrate our current cleaning standards into one that would work if we had an influx of customers in a day.

We appreciate all your support & understanding during this. We will also be taking private appointments, for those who are still more comfortable 1 on 1. We are having an absolute blast doing private appointments.

We know a lot of you are waiting for answers. We will get to everyone this weekend.

We truly feel blessed and loved by the amount of phone calls and e-mails get per day, inquiring as to when we will open. It means a lot to us that you want to support our small dream.

Stay tuned here and in our social media and e-mail for further info.

If you want to be the first to know, sign up to our e-mail!

See you all VERY soon

Stay healthy

Stay safe.

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