Virtual Wardrobing: Let's Get Wild

Setting: Sonia’s Runway.
 You walk in.  
I greet you
Hello there! Long time no see! How are you today? Can you believe it’s already end of April?
What can I help you with today? Oh, you just want to look around? Sure!
Yes? Oh! I see you have a selection of sweatpants! Would you like to try some on? These are great!
You found a pair? Let’s see!
Oh, Frogbox! Love these animal print sweatpants! Don’t they feel super soft? Animal print never goes out of style! You can’t go wrong with these! The subtle zip detail is so perfect at the bottom. You can really wear these for any occasion during quarantine!
How? Let me bring you a few tops!
This top is such a great easy top. As you know, we love our linen. 360 did a really good job with this Henley oversized look. Isn’t it great?  You can tuck it in and head out for a walk or just have a nice breakfast! Make sure you size down! This top fits baggy. 
Too casual? That’s ok!
I brought you this one as well. It’s by Velvet. It has a twist tie in the front. So it silhouettes your top perfectly. It’s not too long or short. You won’t lose any of the detail from the waistband!
Oh! You want a touch of colour? Let me bring you a couple!
These organic cotton tees from Oui are perfect. You can wear it with jeans as well. Easy and washable. Nice pop of colour!
Not a fan of mustard? How about this red one?
Oh, it’s not too red! If you feel like it’s too bright, you can layer it with the matching hoodie!
Yes! It’s the matching! Look how cute! The hint of red popping out from under, cuts the print! How cozy does this feel? Perfect for Netflix binging!
Oh, you don’t think you can wear this to your next work video chat? Challenge accepted!
Voila! This Riani linen top is perfect for work meetings! You can wear the sweat pants with this awesome top! The ruffles add a bit of chic. The satin finish on the neckline and sleeves gives it a dressier finish.  No one will realize you have sweat pants on! 
Have you made your choices? Perfect! I’ll see you at the cash desk!
There you go! It’s so fantastic to see you again! Have a great day and see you next time!

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