Virtual Wardrobing: "Dress"-ing Down

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Setting: Sonia’s Runway

You walk in

 I greet you 


Welcome back! You’re looking so great! How was the long weekend?

Oh, you got the backyard ready? Time for some warm outdoor evenings! 

What are we looking for today? Casual dresses? Here are a few options! Why don’t you go in and try them? 



This is such an easy cotton dress from Peruzzi. I like the little colour detail against the navy. It’s an easy transition dress. You can wear it during the day for work or errands & then have a nice evening in the backyard. It doesn’t cling! 



This one is perfect when it gets a little warmer outside. The Tencel is so soft & it gives off a denim look, without being heavy or hot like denim. The pocket placements to the side are a smart concept. It gives off a more fitted look to the dress.



Take a look at the back of the Frogbox dress! Crotchet detail on the back! Put your hair up, literally!



If you want to go super casual, this Princess Goes Hollywood dress is perfect. You can adjust the waist as you want and tie it together. Put on a nice pair of sandals or runners and you’re good to meet up for a social distant date with the girls! You can add a nice Pyrrha necklace to fill in the neckline. 


Oh, you like this linen dress? So do I! It’s such a beautiful dress. The flowers pop so nicely against the aqua. Great lines, nice silhouette. Peruzzi even added big pockets! Who doesn’t love a pocket on a dress? 


Now, this linen dress is another easy piece. With the variety of colour in the dress, you can pair it with a denim jacket, short or long cardi. You can wear it for an evening wine on the deck and still feel comfortable! 


Who doesn’t love a dress with sleeves? This gives off such a nice retro vibe. The sleeves go down to the elbow. If it feels like a lot of paisley print, the v neck stripe cuts that, so it gives you a longer silhouette on top. It has a subtle pleat right down the middle, helping it sit better on you. 


This striped dress is such an interesting piece. It looks normal on the hanger. Once you wear it, you can see how it sits perfectly. You can wear it with or without the belt (yay for removable loops!). Laurel used a beautiful quality viscose to create an elegant moving dress. If you feel like wearing it open, toss this on over a pair of denim capris and tshirt/tank. Shirt dresses are such a hidden treasure. You can wear them as a dress, tunic or cardigan!


Did you find what you were looking for?


Great! I hope you enjoy your pieces! See you next week! Have a wonderful weekend!



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