Virtual Wardrobing: Jean-ius

Setting: Sonia’s Runway

You walk in

I greet you


HI! Oh my gosh! It feels like I just saw you months ago! How is everything?


The weather definitely is looking better. Improves the mood for sure!

What can I help you with today?


You need a new pair of jeans? You don’t know what you’re looking for? Well, let me gather up a couple styles for you and we can get to trying them on!



These AG jeans are absolutely amazing, aren’t they? It is a higher rise, so it hits you just above the belly button and holds everything in. AG has done an incredible job with their all way stretch. So you don’t feel like you’re wearing denim.

This Farrah Skinny won’t bag out too much. The wash is dark enough that it can stay in your closet all year round & it’s super easy to dress up and down



These Cambio Parla skinny’s are great for spring/summer. The wash is a nice light wash, that is a mid rise. It fits the bum really well. Cambio knows how to shape a woman’s leg properly.

This jean just gives you that fresh spring vibe, doesn’t it? It’s just classic! The nice thing about this jean is it’s created in an environmentally friendly manner!


Oh, you want to try the AG Harpers? These are so perfect if you want a nice, classic straight leg jean. It fits high and you don’t feel stiff in them.

AG takes a lot of pride in their factories with their denim. They create environmentally sustainable denim and produce the softest denim in the industry. These straight leg jeans are perfect for casual Fridays! Even at home!


Want something that fits a bit higher? Now, I am sure you know, I am OBSESSED with Mac jeans. It fits above the belly button, it shapes the curvy and non curvy ladies well. It feels like you are wearing nothing on! I can wear these on long travel days or for walks!

Their straight leg jean is a bit wider, so you can have a bit more movement on the leg.


Now, if you want to go super classic, check out these bootcut jeans! Don’t they feel great on? They don’t flare out too much on the bottom. Just enough to lengthen your legs. You can wear any kind of footwear with it. You get the same stretch and rise.

The best part about Mac jeans? You can wear them for multiple hours and they will stretch, but they won’t bag out! They stay the same


Perfect! You made your selection! I’ll see you at the cash desk



We will see you next time! It was great seeing you again!

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