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Hey everyone!

Shaan here! 

We are still not opening. We heard the cases have gone up again. We are constantly monitoring what is happening.

However, if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail us. I am also at the store weekdays from 9:30am – 12:30pm for curbside pickups & questions you may have.

I had started this on Instagram a couple of years ago. I would review new movies I would watch that weekend. I didn’t realize a lot of you missed that! We have had a few requests for what I have been watching.

With that in mind, I will be launching a fun little series called “WATCH IT!”, where I’ll post on some cool shows or movies I have been watching on numerous sites.

Before the pandemic, I used to watch HGTV & Food Network only on the weekends. Since the pandemic, we rotate between both channels. Both channels are interesting. Each day, they show us marathons of a certain show. It’s nice. We can pick and choose which show we feel like watching.

HGTV is such a funny channel for me. We get to sit and watch the journey of people picking their houses. We get to judge them! Haha.  I like the older seasons of Love it or List it. I am not a fan of the new couple. Todd Talbot & Jillian Harris worked so well together. They had a great dynamic and always had me laugh. Chip & Joanna on Fixer Upper are also one of my favourite couples. They really do a good job at mixing the old with the new. I am a big fan of wood work, so watching their crew develop neat walls and flooring always makes me happy. Joanna even makes me enjoy antique items! That’s hard to do! I have more of a contemporary vibe. Watching the vacation home shows have become a bit redundant. Which, is when I flip to the Food Network. Of course, anything with the Property Brothers is a MUST watch. I was quite disappointed in seeing their new show Celebrity IOU end. But, they had to cut the season short. If you do catch re-runs of it, you all have to watch it. Brad Pitt’s episode of helping his long time friend and stylist was so heart warming. He surprised her with re-creating her garage into a small home in the backyard. It was fantastic. Next time you watch the Property Brothers, pay close attention to their kitchen. They always seem to land on the same marble for every kitchen!

Food Network is one of those cliché channels that I began watching a lot more of recently. Mostly, while snacking on something. I usually remained biased towards anything baking. Buddy vs Duff was such a good show. The cakes they created were inspiring. Spring Baking Championship was also a must watch for me. We always laugh that it takes us 10 minutes to decide what to make. These chefs can come up with an idea and create these amazing dishes in an hour or less! I really enjoy Chopped. Creating the most creative items out of the most obscure items given to them, that alone deserves every credit. Top Chef isn’t bad. I noticed the aspiring winners are a bit more aggressive in competition, which is normal. But, it can come across badly on screen & I end up disliking certain ones immediately. Of course, who can forget anything Guy Fieri does. Guy’s Grocery Games keeps me smiling no matter what. He has fun little games & the chefs that he brings on…their minds are incredible! Yes, I am learning a couple things from them.

 Carrying on with the Food Network, I watch Gordon Ramsay on YouTube. He has a really fun series, in which he attempts to make some delicious food at home in 10 minutes. It’s hilarious. His daughters are in charge of the camera. The banter between them makes you love him even more.

I’ll touch on more of the other shows you can watch on other blog posts. But, I can talk about some of the sitcoms I am rediscovering on tv throughout the day.

CMT is a really nice break, if you need a good laugh. They rotate through a handful of series . I’ve recently started watching the 2 episodes of  Three’s Company a day. Classic comedy w/classic comedic actors you fall in love with. John Ritter was a treasure. Everybody Loves Raymond usually follows that. You forget how good those sitcoms were. So pure and golden. Didn’t need much razzle dazzle to make you literally laugh out loud. My personal fave sitcom for the last few years has been Big Bang Theory. I can watch that show all day long. It usually comes on Comedy Network later in the night. It makes me laugh every single time. I think I can recite the episodes line by line!

I’ll dive into some other network/Netflix/Prime goodies in later blogs. For now, I think this is a good start.

What shows or movies are you watching? Or re-watching? Have you noticed you have been re-visiting older shows you haven’t watched in a while? A few articles I read about nostalgia during the pandemic, mentioned how watching something from our younger days, gives us some peace and calm during turbulent times. Have you felt that?

Let me know!

Until next time!

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