Hey everyone! Shaan here.Welcome to the new & improved site. I’m going to dive into that one a bit later in this post.

Sonia & I want to share our gratitude for all your love and support during this crazy time. We have always been grateful for all your support. But, this just takes it to another level.

When news of COVID-19 came out, none of us knew what happened or what we were in for. It’s not something any of us had planned for. I had my day planner filled with meetings, dinners and other activities. I, personally, was waiting with baited breath to see where my Edmonton Oilers fell into the playoff picture. When the cases in Alberta started to rise, Sonia & I, along with multiple businesses, had to start to consider options of closure. We weren’t sure (as all of you reading this) what was happening, what this actually was, how it spread. We still really don’t.  It became apparent mid-March, that we would not be able to be open during this pandemic. Customers were worried, we were worried for our customers, staff and our health. We wanted to do our part of physical distancing. We made the VERY hard decision to shut the doors for the time being. WE haven’t had an official opening date. Mainly because, we want to make sure it’s safe for all of us to get back to work.

The first week of closure was definitely hard. We were confused. We followed every morning conference from the city, provincial and federal governments. We heard about all the promises being made for helping out fellow Canadians and businesses. Everyday we heard about the lack of help and confusion from the government aspect, mom & I got upset. Not just for small businesses, but for every citizen in this country trying to make ends meet. We both ended up on the radio for a couple interviews & an article on CBC regarding it. I won’t dive too much into my thoughts and opinions on the financial relief from this pandemic here.

It became apparent after the first few days, that we were going to be in physical distancing for months. Not weeks. Months. Our store was full of new stock. We had a few of you book private appointments to come and buy. But, a lot couldn’t make it. Some of you live out of town!

We have been researching website building and online store for a while. We decided one morning. It was time to release it as soon as we could. So, I started my venture onto a site & started building. I have always wanted to learn how to website build. I finally had time to do it. It’s been quite the experience. Posting, keeping up to date, formatting a site. It’s all new and exciting.

We aren’t sure when we will all return to work and get back to normal…if there will ever be “that” normal again. But, rest assured, Sonia & I will be here. We miss the in store visits, we miss hearing what you all are up to. I will try to maintain a regular blog schedule for you. There will be posts about fashion, food, lifestyle, little stories. This site is going to be just like you know us in store. Happy, hard working and a touch of us. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe & staying healthy.

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