About Us

Sonia’s Runway opened its doors November 16, 2007. It is the pioneer store for a mother-daughter concept. Sonia’s Runway has two sides to its store, just like a mother and daughter relationship. Each side has very different personalities, but blends well in the center. Creating a happy and fun loving atmosphere you can spend hours in with your mom, daughter, sister or friend! The owners are there everyday at the store making sure, along with their staff, that you are properly taken care of every time you come in. With lines from Europe, USA and Canada, the possibilities of an outfit of any kind (casual to evening wear), are endless! No matter what your style, remember, on the runway, you’re the star!


Sonia’s Runway is not just a boutique. We offer personal attention and care. We know how hard it is for women to find the perfect outfit. Sizes are different for every piece. But we give you the proper care and attention that will leave you smiling and walking out looking better then before!